Dr. Gerrie Moolman is by far the most professional surgeon and ear ,nose and throat specialist. I had a very complicated surgery and reconstruction of my throat. I can only thank Dr. Gerrie Moolman for his exceptional good surgery hands. He is an angel on earth.

Dolly Louise Cronje

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2019 . At first I didn’t know where go or what to do . This was the second time I was diagnosed with cancer since 2017. I was very concerned. The first quotation I received just blew me out of the water and added to my concerns .I needed another doctor to help me. I was then referred to Dr. Moolman. His was most professional and supportive. His rated were inline with medical aid requirements. All of this eased the burden. His approached and treatment of the disease was excellent. This includes aftercare treatment. I’m know continue a normal and happy life thanx to Dr Moolman. I highly recommended Dr G Moolman.

Cornea van Graan

I have been visiting Dr Gerrie Moolman for two years during which time he has conducted around eight operations to patch a hole in my skull base caused by an abscess. I have found him to be very considerate and quick to explain any planned procedure. He has willingly accepted the multiple challenges thrown at him and sometimes had to develop new techniques to address these. I would highly recommend him to anyone requiring an ENT surgeon.
Tim Grout

 I first became a patient of Dr.Gerrie Moolman in August 2009 when I was referred to him by my general practitioner.At the time I was diagnosed with throat cancer.I have always been impressed by how he takes interest in his patients,his empathy,following up on test results and his prffesionalism.His wide knowledge as a doctor in general,evokes a lot of trust in me as a patient.I think in some ways I owe my life to him and I can highly recommend him to anyone.
Andria de Waal


Words cannot describe how much my family and I appreciate Dr G Moolman.  When you walk in the practice,  you feel welcome straight away! The ladies are friendly and helpful and a pleasure to be around with. I was referred to Dr G Moolman when other specialist didn’t have answers anymore. From the very first day I met him, he made me feel safe and ever since he will go out of his way to help when you are in need. I have complicated health issues that will last for a long time, but I feel positive because he is committed to solve any health issues that come up or refer me to someone that can help with health problems outside his field. His medical knowledge is outstanding and you feel you are in good hands.  He  always has time to listen and explain things in a way I understand.  He is caring, kind, understanding and patient and doesn’t matter how big the problem is, he will find a way to help. I have never met a specialist that is very professional and yet so kind.  I will recommended Dr G Moolman to anyone looking for someone who will look after you as a person and will go out of his way to care for his patients. Thank you Dr G for everything you have done for me, you are an angel put on earth for people like me. Your care is greatly appreciated by myself and my family.


During February 2019 I was diagnosed with a Glomus Jugulare tumour in my right ear and neck after a throbbing noise in my ear became unbearable. The Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist who diagnosed me after he sent me for a CT scan, referred me to Dr. Gerrie Moolman as he is not only a Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, but also a Head, Neck and Skullbase Surgeon. Dr. Moolman sent me for a navigation MRI scan and then explained to me the operation procedure and possible (normal) consequences of the operation (worst case scenario) which could persist for up to two years after the operation. On Monday 27 May 2019 I underwent an embolisation procedure at the Intervention Clinic at Unitas Hospital in Pretoria to temporary block some of the arteries/vains to minimize bleeding during my operation. I was transferred via ambulance to Life Eugene Marais Hospital on Tuesday 28 May 2019 as I was supposed to be kept as still as possible. Early on Wednesday 29 May 2019 Dr. Moolman performed the almost 8-hour operation to remove the Glomus Jugulare tumour from my right ear and neck. Unfortunately all of the (normal) consequences of the operation which Dr. Moolman discussed with me,  happened. The nerves which controlled my swallowing, voice, muscles on the right side of my face and the muscles in my right shoulder were bruised during the extremely delicate and complicated surgery. Those nerves run through a small hole in one’s skull and Dr. Moolman had to remove that part of my skull to reach the tumour in order to remove it. The tumour was also based underneath those nerves and the nerves had to be gently and delicately moved out of the way to get to the tumour. As I could not swallow after the operation, a PEC tube was inserted above my navel into my stomach to be able to give myself feeding. My voice was also only a whisper as my right side voice cord was temporarily paralized. Within six months after my operation, my swallowing function returned and I was cleared to eat solid foods after I underwent a positive barium swallowing test at Eugene Marais Radiology. The voice and swallow exercises which the Speech Therapist (Leanie Engelbrecht) gave me to do twice every day, assisted also that my voice improved from just a whisper to at least a volume which can be heard during normal speech. The voice cord must still heal totally. Due to the extremely difficult and delicate nature of the operation, I was blessed to be operated on by Dr. Moolman. He is a world-class surgeon and I can recommend him strongly. He also has wonderful, friendly ladies in his practice who assist with administrative queries whenever one needs their help. May Dr. Moolman’s practice grow from strenght to strength.

Helénè van den Berg
Ermelo, Mpumalanga

As a patient of Dr Moolman I must say that from the time we met in 2014 to date, Dr Moolman has always taken care of me.  Before my operation in 2014 Dr Moolman was very thorough with the road I was going to follow and what I could expect as a patient who was about to have a glomus tumour removed.  He informed me of exactly what the operation was going to entail and the recovery process so I had a very good idea of what to expect.  The operation was a great success thanks to him and my recovery process was just as he had told me.  I trust Dr Moolman with my life and feel very comfortable with him.  It is now 2020 and I have regular check ups with him to make sure my health is still in good shape, he makes me feel like he really cares about me and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  If it was not for him I would not be where I am today.  Still a healthy and “tumour free” patient.
Tracy Miller 

Dr G Moolman is my angel in disguise he is also one who is attentive, analytical, brave, calm, cooperative, creative, decisive, energetic, ethical, friendly, gracious, humorous, investigative, knowledgeable, mature, nurturing, observant, passionate, responsible, reassuring, selfless, skillful, trustworthy, vigilant, and wise.


He has given me life again and found solutions to help me when others lost all hope in me becoming better. He is a good human before he is a doctor and goes the extra mile in helping no matter the time or place. He has become my best friend and a doctor with integrity and has the two most wonderful compassionate receptionist in the world. 


I love you guys so much 

Mrs. Hamid

I Dorothy Mofokeng was diagnosed with Glomus Jugular tumour in the skull base into the intracranial space measured 34cc x 31 AP x 25 mm.   The tumour extends into the cerebella-pontine extending into the internal acoustic can displacement of the cranial nerve. 

The ENT Doctor Roussouw referred me to the specialist Dr Gerrie Moolman the skull Base Surgeon. I have consulted with him in August 2019 and planned the procedure to be done in October.  I went through the surgeon for a long period in theatre.  I am glad to testify that all went well without complications, I was in ICU for a week there after was moved to the ward.  I would like to thank God for him to be able to perform such a big operation and came out successful. I can recommend anyone to who need this kind of surgery to consult with the skull base surgeon Dr G Moolman, very humbled man and caring, he actually made me to be calm with the procedure.
Dorothy Mofokeng

I was diagnosed with oral cancer in April 2019 and with the diagnosis reality did not kick in. I took the next suggested step and visited the oncologist, still in shock it became more reality. Everything happens so quickly. It was suggested that I follow a 7 week chemo and radiation program. Being new to this I visited the dentist to receive fluoride treatment to protect my teeth during this process. I received a call to visit Dr Gerrie Moolman who then indicated that he can remove the cancer by performing surgery instead of going for the chemo and radiation treatment. I chose surgery. The open neck surgery was performed on 3 June 2019 where after I have gone for regular follow up appointments at Dr Gerrie Moolman. 


Today, I live a healthier live to share my story. Dr Gerrie Moolman is an ear, nose and throat specialist as well as a head, neck and skull base surgeon. I trust his opinion and would highly recommend him in his field of speciality. He is a professional, caring, compassionate and to the point doctor with astonishing knowledge. His hands are blessed to heal people through the work he does. He has a great support structure with the ladies at the rooms that are always very helpful. I have another chance to live life and spend time with family. 

Theron Oosthuizen   

If I could give 5000 stars, I would!!!!

Dr Gerrie Moolman was an angel sent on our path and knew exactly what to do. He really goes out of his way to care for his patients. After many tests and MRI scan and no results, he kept looking until he found what was the problem.  With the great knowledge of his field and patient care I would recommend him to everyone!  This is one doctor I will forever be grateful for.

Willie du Toit


It is with the greatest confidence with which I can recommend Dr Moolman (Gerrie). I am unfortunate to suffer a very aggressive form of oral cancer, it is through Dr Moolman that we have been able to curb the destructive cancer. He is a person who actually listens to what a patient and close family report before starting treatment, during treatment and thereafter. I have confidently referred other people to him, and I am glad to say that those who opted to visit with Dr Moolman was successfully treated! 
Jacques J Helberg